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Virtual Reality in Architecture

Do not trust us, test us!

Everybody knows that "Virtual Reality is the future", but we do not see much of it in practice. The linear progression is clear - we had rendered images, then we had rendered videos, now we want to be in control - EXPERIENCE the design. We want to walk around the rooms, change materials in real time, change furniture, push walls around, start a fire, change weather - all in real time and while being immersed into the VR world.

We are putting this to practice. Do not trust us - test us! We can take your model and prepare it for V, and not only for VR. What we give you is practically a video game that you can play in VR or in First person mode or Third person mode. Please watch our videos to see how that looks like in practice.

You are also more then welcome to visit us and try some of the VR experiences first hand. And you are welcome to send us some small project, and we can gladly discuss how to transform that into an immersive, interactive, VR experience. Of course, the great thing about working with Game Engines is that we can easily generate "old-fashioned" renderings and videos as well. Just contact us and we will tell you what we can do for you.

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We are a team of architects, programmers and designers ready to visualize your ideas.

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